1. How can I make an online donation?

Click here and follow the directions. Our online donations page is secure and accepts most major credit cards through PayPal.

2. I would like to volunteer, what do I need to do first?

Please visit the HOC volunteer page to apply for open volunteer opportunities.

3. I’m already a registered volunteer, how do I begin a new volunteer position?

Please go to our Volunteer page. There you will find a link to a listing of available positions.

4. If I don’t designate my donation to a specific program, how is my contribution used? 

Community Partners and HOC work closely together on identifying low-income families who could benefit the most by donated items, like clothes, bedding, furniture, etc.  Cash donations go to support either one of our ongoing programs or a special seasonal project. All donations directly benefit low-income families. Thank you.

5. What is spent on the administrative costs of the organization?

Community Partners has no employees. This helps to keep our administrative costs down to a bare minimum. And so, less than 1% of our entire budget is needed for administrative costs.

6. How do the programs of Community Partners get funded?

Most of our programs are funded by grants awarded to Community Partners by private foundations. We also occasionally receive competitive grant awards from local government. And the generous donations we receive from individuals and businesses likewise help to keep our programs running.

7. What is the administrative structure of Community Partners?

Community Partners is administered by the volunteer Board of Directors. Each director serves for a 3-year term and may volunteer for additional terms. The board meets quarterly.

There is one subcommittee – Budget/Development – that reviews the organization’s budget to ensure that expenditures and grant applications are in-line with the priorities set by the entire board. Also, the subcommittee works on developing new strategies and programmatic priorities for the board to adopt.

The HOC Staff Liaison manages the day to day functions. Community Partners has no employees or staff. And so, the Staff Liaison oversees the grant funded programs and partnerships in the community. In communicating to the Board on the needs of HOC residents, the HOC Staff Liaison ensures that our programs are well designed and precisely targeted to those who need the services the most.

8. How many employees does Community Partners have?

The business affairs of Community Partners are managed by the Board of Directors, with help from the HOC Staff Liaison. Community Partners has no employees or staff, but receives many hours of in-kind staff support from our partner HOC each year. Also, much of our success is derived in large part from the volunteers and individual contributors who work on various projects and on-going programs.

9. When is the best time to contact Community Partners via phone?

Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

10. Can Community Partners help me find a place to live?

Community Partners does not provide housing. To inquire about low-income housing, one should contact the Housing Opportunities Commission www.hocmc.org  or Montgomery County’s Department of Health and Human Services http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/hhs/.

11. How can a person/family apply to receive services from Community Partners?

Community Partners’ programs provide services to residents of subsidized housing administered by the Housing Opportunities Commission. If you are an HOC resident looking for services, you are encouraged to contact Resident Services staff at your assigned HOC HUB. To locate the HUB for your zip code/neighborhood go to http://www.hocmc.org/locations/

12. Are you part of HOC?

Community Partners is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors that is responsible for policy and budgetary concerns. As a component entity of HOC, Community Partners coordinates programs that bring much needed services to low-income residents of subsidized housing that is administered by HOC.

13. Are you funded by HOC?

Community Partners does not receive funding from HOC. Our income comes from competitive grant awards from private foundations and from donations from individuals and local businesses.