Our Mission

The Mission of the Housing Opportunities Community Partners (HOCP) is to provide services that strengthen the housing stability and increase the self-sufficiency of low- and moderate-income families and individuals living in Montgomery County’s affordable housing so that:

  • No one has unmet needs that threaten their housing stability;
  • Adults and children have the tools that help them reach their fullest potential; and
  • Households can attain their vision for a more fulfilling quality of life.

* * * * * * *

Low- and moderate-income families living in Montgomery County’s affordable housing have the potential to reach great heights and achieve the goals they hold for themselves and their children. However, these goals are out of reach for them without access to supportive services and resources.

Thanks to funding from philanthropic and local government grants, corporate sponsorships, and individual contributions, the Housing Opportunities Community Partners (Community Partners) and the Housing Opportunities Commission (HOC) provide connections to essential programming that help low-income families to seize promising opportunities that empower them to improve their self-sufficiency and realize their greatest potential.

HOCP programs help

  • HOC youth to expand their educational horizons through interactive STEM activities.
  • Adults learn essential business skills, to pursue self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship.
  • Motivated adults complete vocational training and/or degree programs that propel them to careers with livable wages.
  • Homeless families secure access to safe permanent housing.