Since 2015, Community Partners and HOC have provided tuition assistance and workforce development coaching to 50 adults each year on average. This helps them to increase their education and vocational skills, and then find and retain employment with livable wages.

Participants regularly attend coaching sessions, during which they create and follow an education/career plan, and increase their soft-skills needed to attain and retain employment. After various federal and local forms of academic assistance are exhausted, participants receive from Community Partners and HOC tuition assistance up to 80% of the costs. This assistance may be used toward tuition, fees, books, supplies, etc. in pursuit of a degree and/or vocational certification. In turn, participants are responsible for 20% of their educational costs.

With tuition assistance, HOC customers are able to work toward their educational/vocational goals and significantly improve their financial self-sufficiency. HOC customers become empowered to pursue careers in most demand such as Real Estate, Professional Counseling, Mediation, Professional Project, Management, CDL licensing and many other popular careers.