The Mission of the Housing Opportunities Community Partners (HOCP) is to provide services that strengthen the housing stability and increase the self-sufficiency of low- and moderate-income families and individuals living in Montgomery County’s affordable housing so that:

  • No one has unmet needs that threaten their housing stability;
  • Adults and children have the tools that help them reach their fullest potential; and
  • Households can attain their vision for a more fulfilling quality of life. 


It is our vision that low- and moderate-income families and individuals living in Montgomery County’s af­fordable housing are able to pursue opportunities that allow them and their children to realize their fullest potential. We can assist them in their efforts by leveraging public and private resources to support programs that open doors of opportunity, and help residents achieve self-sufficiency to realize their dreams. We believe that strategically designed programs that support each generation in the household can help families increase their economic status and ultimately break from poverty.

As the non-profit affiliate of the Housing Opportunities Commission (HOC) – Montgomery County’s Public Housing Authority – HOCP plays a crucial role in helping bring a continuum of innovative services that meet the needs of the whole family.

Low- and moderate-income families living in Montgomery County need support if they are to move from vulnerability to sustainability. Providing affordable housing is crucial in strengthening stability and increasing self-sufficiency. However, a home is only one element of support needed to help vulnerable families improve their lives. HOCP recognizes that critical programming and resources are needed to help families move closer towards their vision of success. From its inception, HOCP has supported innovative programs for youth, job seekers, and families while also providing vital resources for families that help them exit homelessness, gain housing stability, and attain further education.

Our programs help everyone in the household – children, parents and other adults.
We use a two-generation model to help ensure that our programs improve outcomes for the whole family. The well-being of parents is crucial to their children’s social-emotional, physical and economic well-being. Simultaneously, parents’ ability to succeed in their educational pursuits and ultimately in the workplace is substantially affected by how well their children are doing. The development of children and the well-being of parents are inextricably linked.