Supportive Youth Housing Program (SYHP)

In 2012, we started an exciting new partnership with the Montgomery County Child Welfare Service, to implement the Supportive Youth Housing Program. Supported by a large grant from the Freddie Mac Foundation, SYHP provides intensive case management and short-term housing subsidies to ten (10) foster-care youth aging out of the foster care system empowering them to live independent and productive lives in the community.

CWS referred to SYHP only those youth who have been successfully meeting the milestones of their CWS service plans and who showed the greatest potential to live independently after the one year of participation in the SYHP. In addition to case management, SYHP provided a housing subsidy to each of the program participants. This provided stability during the first year of living independently and an incentive for the youth to secure employment that enabled them to maintain their housing after their participation in SYHP ends.

In 2013, the first cohort of youth successfully completed their participation in SYHP:

  • Seven youth were enrolled in full time or part time school;
    • oThree were enrolled at Montgomery College and Howard Community College;
    • oOne enrolled as a part time, on line student at Ashford University;
    • oFour were enrolled at Coppin State University, Towson University, and UMUC;
    • oOne was pursuing a graduate degree in social work from UMBC;
  • Nine participants were employed – five full-time and four part-time;

In the fall of 2013, SYHP received another generous grant from the Freddie Mac Foundation to provide housing and case management to another cohort of 7 youth aging out of the foster care system. Currently, this second cohort is in the last phase of their transition into independence.

  • Two youths will graduate from Towson and University of Maryland College Park in May, 2016
  • Four youths are working and attending college on a part-time basis
  • One youth is working in the health care field and will complete a certification program at Montgomery College in the fall 2016
  • All youth remain in stable, affordable housing.