Our Work

Our programs help to equip low-income children to succeed in school, help homeless families obtain permanent housing, assist low-income working families with purchasing refurbished vehicles, teach unemployed HOC residents the necessary skills for success in the job market, transition foster youth to independent living and increase the financial self-sufficiency of low-income motivated families.

Thanks to funding from the Gannett Foundation, Community Partners and HOC have launched a Kids’ STEM program that runs during after school hours.

Community Partners, Inc. in collaboration with HOC now brings STEM robotics activities to low-income youth living at subsidized housing communities.  Students, grades 3rd through 8th, attend two-hour sessions twice a week during after school hours.  These activities are conducted by Uplift DC, Inc., a local non-profit which exclusively teaches core STEM concepts and activities to at-risk, STEM deprived students in the National Capital Region.

Kids’ STEM participants design and program LEGO MINDSTORMS robots that follow programmed commands along a special obstacle course. Each participant utilizes a LEGO MINDSTORMS set, containing all the LEGO elements and software needed to construct and program a robot.

Our other programs include:

Housing Counseling Plus Program which provides assistance to 50 homeless families with meeting their move in costs, thereby obtaining stable permanent housing and to 30 formerly chronic homeless individuals with maintaining their housing during the first 12-24 months of housing stabilization.

 The Driving Toward Success program helps low-income working families obtain reconditioned used vehicles at a nominal cost, which, greatly expands their employment and educational options;

The Career Building Blocks program helps low-income residents in subsidized housing to improve their skills to pursue educational/vocational training and gainful employment;

The Supportive Youth Housing Program, presently empowering seven youth aging out of the foster care system to live independent, productive lives in the community;

The Saving for a Better Tomorrow IDA program, a financial literacy and assets building program that equips 30 low-income households to pursue homeownership opportunities, to create small businesses and to increase their post-secondary education. A new cohort of 10 savers will begin soon.

Recent Accomplishments

We are pleased to announce the launching of the Kids’ STEM Program this current academic year. Thanks to funding from the Gannett Foundation, the Kids’ STEM program has begun to bring STEM robotics activities to low-income youth living in subsidized housing communities.

Thanks to a grant from Capital One Bank, our Saving for a Better Tomorrow IDA Program will soon create yet another cohort of 10 savers, whose accumulated savings will be matched 3:1 to help them purchase a new home, pursue education and/or start a small business.

Thanks to a grant from PNC Bank Foundation, our Career Building Blocks (CBB) Program will help 20 low-income adults pursue vocational training, leading to certifications and better paying employment. Already 10 individuals have completed the employment readiness classes and are now undertaking training in a variety of certified vocational fields.

And our Driving Toward Success and Housing Counseling Plus Programs have enough funding in place to help families purchase refurbished vehicles and to help homeless families move into permanent stable housing respectively.